Medicare Registration Instructions

Follow these steps to register for Florida Medicare Part A (837I) or Part B (837P) EDI Claims or Electronic Remittance Advice (835) files.

Availity offers FREE connectivity to First Coast Service Options (FCSO) for the submission of Medicare Part A (837I) or Part B Claims (837P) and the receipt of Electronic Remittance Advice (835) files via the Availity Health Information Network.

  1. Complete the EMC Change of Information Form. FCSO requires each provider to complete this form in advance of any changes affecting the provider’s EDI connectivity to FCSO, and the effective date of such changes. FCSO Medicare EDI must be notified in writing (using this form) if the provider will begin, change, or discontinue using a billing service, clearinghouse, or other third party.

    1. The form is available for download at You may also access it when you log in to the Availity portal. From the portal Home page locate the Training and Resources section and click Availity Health Plan Partners. Look for the Additional Information section.

    2. In Section A of the form under Type of Change Being Requested, please check Add a Provider to an Existing Submitter Number. Complete the additional fields as specified on the form. Availity’s submitter number is P8467.

  2. You must submit the completed form for Medicare Part A or Part B to FCSO. It is important that you complete this step. If you do not submit the completed form to FCSO, Availity will not be able to send Medicare claims to FCSO on your behalf.

  3. Add Payer ID 09101 for Florida Medicare Part A (837I) Claims and add Payer ID 09102 for Florida Medicare Part B (837P) claims. You will receive an acknowledgement from FCSO when your request form has been received and processed. Once you receive this, you should begin sending your Florida Medicare Part A Claims using Payer ID 09101 or begin sending your Florida Medicare Part B Claims using Payer ID 09102. Please contact your practice management system vendor if you need assistance adding this Payer ID to your system.

Note: These steps apply ONLY to Florida Medicare Part A (837I), and Part B (837P) Claims, and Electronic Remittance Advice (835) files. This does NOT affect Eligibility and Benefit Inquiries (270/271).

To set up your system to send Medicare EDI Claims through Availity, you must follow the instructions in Setting Up for Medicare EDI Claims through Availity.


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